When I sat down to start planning and writing this website, I was confronted with a plethora of marketing strategies about branding and developing a philosophy. After reading a few pages  and becoming overwhelmed with technical jargon that wasn’t “me” I decided it was better and far more genuine to keep it simple. Because for me, food and nutrition is simple. We are constantly bombarded with statistics and research telling us that we are too overweight, and every week there is a new diet book or cookbook released promising rapid and permanent weight loss. Unfortunately these diets rarely work, and the diet industry has a vested interest in them not working. All they seem to create are unhappy, stressed people, who feel guilty that they’ve failed again.

Ultimately, my aim in becoming a dietitian, is to help people achieve optimal health – whatever that is. For everyone that will be different, and how each person achieves that, will be different. Some people may want to lose weight, others may want to run a marathon, and others may have a medical condition such as an underactive thyroid, diabetes, metabolic syndrome or irritable bowel syndrome. Some people may have unlimited time and resources to invest in their health and diet, while the majority of us are busy with multiple factors affecting our ability to consistently eat a high quality diet. Nonetheless, the principles of healthy eating aren’t overly difficult and shouldn’t involve excessive restriction and calorie counting. Simplifying nutrition and bringing it back to largely unprocessed, wholefood is my aim.

But more than that, understanding what has influenced a person’s dietary choices up to this point, and how factors other than food are impacting on their weight and health, are also at the core of what I aim to do. Eating and Food play such a fundamental role in our lives, that it is so important to explore the psychological aspect around weight and body image. That’s not to suggest I’m a psychologist – far from it! Rather, from personal experience and my own long struggles I have gained a deep understanding of the interconnection between weight, health, diet and our psychological state – and hope that this helps me have a greater insight into each individual’s personal journey.

I hope to be able to make understanding the link between what you eat and the impact it is having on your health simple and logical, while working with you to find solutions that suit your way of  life. I am not someone who believes in dictating  what you should do, rather, the process is collaborative and supportive.