I am a Dietitian and Nutritionist based in Orange, NSW. I also provide nutrition and dietetics services to all residents of the Central West including Bathurst, Dubbo, and Parkes.  With Telehealth, I am able to provide services to people further afield, so please contact me if you should require this service.

While I have many interests when it comes to Nutrition, I am particularly interested in helping people recover from Eating Disorders as well as heal their relationship with food and body image issues. Gastrointestinal issues are another area in which I have a great interest, including IBS, IBD, SIBO, coeliac disease and food intolerances and I have endless empathy in this area due to years of personal experience.

Finally, as a parent, I have a keen interest in the impact of food on behaviour in children, as I have experienced first hand the benefits of dietary adjustments with my own children. I do understand the anxiety, along with the challenges and (and sometimes frustrations) that parents face when dealing with an unwell child, or a child whose behaviour is not as ideal as they'd like.

Throughout this process of dietary change and exploration, I hope I can be an empathetic and understanding resource who can help you navigate the maze that has become current dietary "advice".

Who Am I?

Read a bit about my background, my philosophy about food and body image, and some of the extra training I've completed or am in the process of taking.

How I Can Help

I offer a variety of services covering all areas of nutrition.

Food For thought

There is so much confusing information out there these days about nutrition. In my blog I try to simplify current nutrition topics while still retaining the scientific evidence base.