Food, ADHD/Behavioural Disorders and Healthy Snacks for Kids Workshops

In conjunction with Guy from Grocer and Co, I’ll be holding some workshops on Food Colourings and Additives in food and the effects they have on kids behaviour towards the end of January or at the beginning of February. Stay tuned for dates and times.

Because of my own families experience of the disastrous effect of food additives on behaviour (which was actually one of the main reasons why I went back to University to become a Dietitian), I am really passionate about stripping food back to its most basic function – that of nourishing and fueling our bodies so we perform at our best – and then showing how that interacts with our physiology to either help or hinder that process. Unfortunately so many additives in processed foods hinder our functioning and use up many vital nutrients in order┬áto be eliminated from our bodies – especially the much smaller bodies of children.

One simple way to help is to avoid these additives in the first place, so with the help of Guy, this workshop will not only explain why the additives in processed food can be so bad for us, but will also give you a plethora of easy, additive free snacks to make or assemble for your kids, both for school and after school. Not all of them will be “healthy”, but a home made piece of cake every once in a while is so much better than a packet of chips or twisties any day. I’ll also have suggestions for what to do in emergencies when there simply isn’t time to make something, including the best options that are available in the supermarket (i.e. some muesli bars and plain rice crackers etc are ok).