I’m excited to announce that I’m finally a Dietitian. After 6 years of studying – involving 1 year travelling to Canberra from Orange, and 1 year working in Hospitals, it has been a long Journey!!

I will be Consulting from Colour City Medical Practice located at 71 Dalton St, Orange. 

My Main days will be Monday 8-6pm, Wednesday 8-6pm and Friday 8-11:30, though I do have flexibility with Tuesdays and Thursdays as well (I had to start somewhere!!).

I am waiting on paperwork etc from the Uni and Medicare, which may take a bit of time, in order to get a provider number – so I can’t provide rebates (Medicare or Private fund) until I get that sorted (though I was told that Medicare do backdate my provider number to the date of lodgement so people can claim – I need to confirm this!!).

If you wish to make an appointment, call the lovely ladies at Colour City Medical Practice on 6360 2388 as they have my diary and know my availability. 

I look forward to sharing my dietary philosophy – that is, helping to lead people away from the dieting yo-yo and into more sustainable ways of eating through the Non-Diet Approach. I love this approach because at it’s core is Self-Compassion with an emphasis on mindfulness, connectedness and kindness (to yourself). 

Please read more about me and the services I offer in the “About Me” and “services” sections.